Tony’s Bio

Tony Trupiano has spent the better part of the past two decades in and around the media.  As the host of his own nationally syndicated radio programs for 17 years Tony has interviewed over 25,000 guests and appeared as a guest on over 800 radio and national television shows.  He founded of his own public relations firm and he went on to author two books and became a “go to” authority on a myriad of issues.  Tony is best known as the flame throwing Progressive radio show host who has literally taken his show inside the Democratic National Convention, and has boldly aired his show live as part of Union picket lines and sat at the negotiating table during a local Beer Drivers strike and made live reports during the negotiation helping solve a long standing dispute between Management and the Drivers. Tony’s passion for the working people in the country earned him the proud title of “The Voice of Labor”.

His work on behalf of Progressive and Democratic causes is well known and he is well respected for his diligence to truth and commitment to fighting for all people and has spoken at events that include home parties to national conventions in passionate support of an agenda that moves the state and the country forward.

Tony’s list of media training clients number over 4000; many of them well known celebrities, politicians and authors.  He often works under confidentially agreements and enjoys of the challenge of helping people discover their voice

Tony is respected and well known for his honesty and willingness to do what it takes to get to a core message.  He works tirelessly with his clients and advocates for his clients in finding the most passionate and profound tenets of their message and then giving them the tools to deliver that message.

His natural gift of owning a message has been invaluable to his client base has helped him gain a national reputation as one of the best radio interviewers in the country.

As a crisis communication consultant, Tony has assisted corporations and individuals in shaping a message of truth to navigate clients out of troubled situations.

In 2006, Tony ran as the Democratic Candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District where he was narrowly defeated by a three term incumbent

Tony has routinely donated time each year to non-profits in assisting them in message development.

Tony has also owned and operated three restaurants.