Christine Barry

Christine Barry

christine_1Christine is a professional blogger and a founding member of the Blue Tiger Bloggers, also known as the Progressive Bloggers Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party. Prior to becoming a professional blogger she worked as a network engineer for various business clients in Michigan and a handful of other states. She is also a small business owner and provides web design and hosting to clients throughout the United States.

Christine grew up in a union family and was introduced to the great heritage of labor by her grandparents, who were veterans of the Flint Sit Down. Her first published article “Grandpa & Me” can be read in the February 1995 edition of Solidarity Magazine. She is a proud member of UAW Local 1981, National Writers Union.

Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Business Administration, and several technical certifications in network engineering and security.

You can read Christine’s political blog at