I've been in a deeply contemplative mood of late. Not quite sure why, but normally it's been my experience in that some esoteric way whether it's God, spirit, Mother Earth, or whatever deity that you identify with, is trying to lead me to a certain d[more]
Haste Makes Waste, But Who Cares?
On last night's program of the many compelling conversations we had it was our interview with State Representative Phil Cavanagh (D-Redford) that really turned me on my ear. The reason actually is quite simple; we had representative Cavanagh on the s[more]
Illuminating, in so many ways. If you click on this link it will take you to a story that demonstrates the corporate mindset of a governor who sees his fellow citizens as customers, as opposed to neighbors, that in and of itself is illuminating, but [more]
Ready Or Not, Here We Come!
Let me start by saying I've missed you all very, very much. Today's missive hopes to accomplish a variety of tasks including details of the new Night Shift show and some rambling thoughts that may seem more or less coherent to some of you and maybe n[more]
Today we commemorate the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr.  His remarkable journey stopped cold by an assassin’s bullet.  Although we have set aside a national day of commemoration I hardly believe we celebrate his life’s work[more]
Our daily visit inside the Beltway.[more]
Chad Engelhardt, Attorney
Changes to Michigan law would allows doctors immunity for just about anything.  How can this happen?[more]
Leadership requires more than just might, it involves courage and strength[more]
Reclaiming our Democracy Part I was extraordinary, wait until you hear Part II![more]
Our Daily visit inside the Beltway.[more]
Jason Roach, Director of “Stealing Home”
A new documentary on the site of the old Tiger Stadium shows the power and addiction to "the corner" by so many still.  Premiers October 25.[more]
Since their mission is to hold government officials, how many more staff member will they have to hire to keep up?[more]